Ball dropped

November 30, 2011

My sister (yes, the sister of the earflap hat) visited for Thanksgiving. This is a Big Deal, because I come from the boonies and most of my family never leave the boonies, so I’m always grateful when someone ventures forth to the scary place I have chosen to live (that would be New York City). It was just the three of us for dinner so we dispensed with convention- which is to say, we had chicken instead of turkey, and didn’t to get out the good tablecloth. (I cringe every time someone drops food on it).

But the thing about having visitors is that one feels obliged to do stuff. And doing stuff in New York is tiring. Because there’s lots of walking involved, and lots of crowd dodging, especially at this time of year.

(Note to self: the day after Thanksgiving is *not* a good day to go to the botanical garden, because it will be full of children who are by nature unaware of their location in space, and their often-equally-clueless parents. I’m ok with kids normally, but dodging kidstoddlersdistractedparentsstrollers for hours is tiring).

We also went on the vertical tour at the cathedral of Saint John the Divine, affectionately known as Saint John the Unfinished, which (if you happen to find yourself in the area) is amazing. Despite having no transept yet (Yes, I googled it. It’s the perpendicular wings that make a church cross-shaped), it’s still¬† a gorgeous Gothic cathedral, with arches and buttresses and creamy limestone.

See? Pretteh.

The tour starts with the guide explaining some structural stuff about arches and the history of the cathedral, and then you tromp up a a narrow winding stair to the next level, where you pause for more edification-

The View From Partway Up (Vertigo City)

and so on until you get to the roof, where you get a gorgeous view and learn more stuff. (Ignore that one guy hogging the view. There’s one in every group).

Buttresses: they keep the whole thing from falling down.

But what about crafts, you say? Where are the pictures of lovely finished items?

I fear I’ve dropped the ball. I did work on the aforementioned hat and cowl, but they are (like the cathedral) unfinished. I cut out the fabric for cloth grocery bag,¬† but I need to obtain the right kind of thread for sewing upholstery-weight fabric before I can do the actual sewing. (Who knew crafts could be so technically demanding, right?)

I do have one thing to show.

Yay, more soap!

What you can’t tell from the picture is how totally awesome this small batch smells. Last year I bought a bunch of new essential oils (and even a couple of absolutes!) to try, but I lost my momentum (read: got overwhelmed by the possibilities) and didn’t do anything with them. Plus, some of them were expensive enough that I felt kinda bad using them. But anyway, as always happens with soap, eventually the creative juices started flowing again. So here you have it- fir needle soap. That shit smells awesome.