Raise Your Hand If…

November 9, 2011

…you hate Christmas shopping. (And for Christmas shopping, you can substitute Hanukkah or birthday or whatever. I just happen to thinking about Christmas at the moment). Holiday gift-giving is such a fun idea. Buy stuff. Wrap it up and give it to your people. Watch them open it with pleasure. Enjoy warm fuzzy feelings. But then there’s the reality. It’s exhausting and expensive, and nearly impossible to actually give people things they want, unless you ask them first, which makes the whole thing into a weird exercise.

On the other hand, my feelings about crafting are not mixed. If you can make it in a low-tech way, I am fascinated. I knit. I sew. I make soap. I get why some people think it’s a waste of time. It’s so easy to just buy soap. And don’t get me started on knitting socks. I know it’s weird to knit socks. But making things with my own hands is pure pleasure. Extra points if the thing is also useful, or made from discarded objects.

Plus, this year my bank account is a bit anemic. So here’s my idea: make stuff for people instead of buying holiday gifts. It might be selfish to use the holidays as an excuse to do things I enjoy anyway. But hopefully I can use crafting to preserve the gift-giving tradition without going crazy or bankrupt. And I figure my chances of giving people something they actually want aren’t any worse than if I bought gifts at the store, right?

I have lots of ideas already. Lots.


7 Responses to “Raise Your Hand If…”

  1. beverly said

    Can I raise a glass, instead?

  2. Joy said

    Love this! I couldn’t agree more. Wish I could sew better… but if it’s made out of felt I can handle it!

  3. Christiane said

    Yes! I am going to be making some things too. And hopefully buying your soap somehow.

  4. erika said

    That is an amazing photograph. He looks so deceptively sweet! More writing about crafting, please! xo

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