Why I Make Soap

November 21, 2011

1) I get to play with scents, colors and textures. (Lavender and sage together? I can do that if I want. Oatmeal? Sure).

2) I start out with oils and lye. I end up with soap. It’s kinda like magic.

3) Handmade soap is the shit. (I use essential oils, so it smells good but not artificial. It doesn’t give me itchy dry skin the way regular soap does. It makes showering kind of luxurious).

4) Soap makes a nice gift. (It’s thoughtful without being flashy or expensive. Everyone can use it. It doesn’t have to be displayed and dusted).

5) Unlike most of my crafts, soap is self-sustaining. (I sell at a craft fair once a year. Soap isn’t cheap to make, but even pricing my soaps at the lower end of average, I usually clear enough to keep me in materials).

6) I like to make stuff.


4 Responses to “Why I Make Soap”

  1. That just seems so therapeutic. Do you have favorite books to recommend for this? Online how to’s? Also, what’s your favorite scent combo?

  2. Hey Christine! I have 2 favorite soap making books: Smart Soapmaking by Anne L. Watson simplifies the process for beginners, and the Soapmaker’s Companion by Susan Miller Cavitch has tons of good recipes and information. And like any other unusual (i.e. weird) hobby, there are tons of internet sites and groups with good info as well. My current favorite scent combo I call chaparral (for the ecosystem). It has lavender and sage :) Also I like rosemary mint, bergamot grapefruit, lavender and citrus…..

  3. erika said

    Once I visited this blogger and her sister in North Carolina. We made soap. It was super fun and made me feel all virtuous and self-reliant, and of course there are no better people to spend an afternoon with anywhere than those two particular Sears sisters. And it was also kind of a lot of work. After that three things happened: 1) I started using the soap and discovered its almost magical properties in relation to my finicky and acne-prone skin, 2) I never wanted to use any non-handmade soap again, and 3) I was happy to shell out $3 $4 $5 and sometimes $6 per bar for it, because it is THAT MUCH BETTER than soap not made by people. Also, for the record, nobody anywhere makes it better than Nellsdottir. I’ve looked.

  4. lorenzo's mom said

    …and you made a wonderful mamma’s milk soap !!
    so I can still bath my baby with it !
    grazie blogger :)
    Lorenzo’s mom

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