craft fair preparedness

December 13, 2011

By far the least interesting part of the craft fair is making soap labels. I’ve always done a two-toned paper label deal, like so:

soaps from my first-ever craft fair

Every year, I forgot how long it took to make these labels. Every year I was like, whoa, dude, there has to be a better way. People would sometimes ask me if I sold on Etsy, or if I wanted to have my soaps in their fancy grocery store/salon/whatever. And I would think yeah…no. I don’t have time to make all those labels. But people seemed to like them, and gift soap should have a nice label, no?

I’m finally saying goodbye to the two-layer labels. Yesterday I went to the paper store and got some nice brownish recycled paper.

Ignore the different colored ones. That paper was leftover. Waste not, want not.

I got these done in *one* evening, even taking time to fiddle with the computer file. (Who can resist a little amateur graphic design)?

I hope nobody minds the new simpler labels. Because I am never going back.

PS If you’re in the NYC area, I’ll be at a leetle craft fair at Lodge in Brooklyn from 6-10pm tomorrow night (Wednesday, Dec. 14).


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