Hipster Wonderland

December 15, 2011

Last night’s craft fair was in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Williamsburg may be the heart of the down-to-earth-aesthete movement. Fancy coffee and grass-fed burgers are big.  Handmade knitwear is fashionable. Guys wearing plaid shirts and trucker caps carry instruments on the subway- or push baby strollers.

Craft fairs are popular. You can get lovely handmade jewelry, terrariums, creative things made from wood. There’s generally a soap seller or two; sometimes divided into categories- like, the one that has  soap that looks like bacon, and the one that makes regular bar-shaped soaps with natural ingredients and scents. There are almost always knitted items, and sometimes homemade specialty foods. (I like pickles).

I admit it- selling at craft fairs makes me feel kind of awkward. Handmade soap is a luxury item, and as much as I think it’s fantastic stuff, I grew up in a place and time where people would have considered spending $4 on a bar of soap the ultimate foolishness. I’m always conscious of that when I sit at the table with my bars of soap and my little sign.

But for every person who angrily asks me how long my soap lasts, as if accusing me of trying to cheat them (this actually happened once), there are five or ten people who are excited to sniff all the soaps, consider their options, choose a few for themselves or as gifts. They get it- the lovely smell of the essential oils, the gorgeous feel of the moisturizing lather, the beauty of an everyday thing that’s a pleasure to use.

Wait…maybe I’m one of those aesthetes.

I still don’t get the trucker caps, though.


2 Responses to “Hipster Wonderland”

  1. Artisan! Artisan soap means you’re paying a buck for the soap, $3 for the luv that spreads all over your body.

  2. Oh, dude. If I were charging for the luv, they’d be way more.

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