January 3, 2012

For months, I’ve been been thinking gee, it’s not unbearably cold yet. It’s not really winter here until the cold-ass wind starts sticking its fingers down my neck. I know, there are lots colder places than NYC- take Minnesota, for example. Or Toronto. But I’m from the south. It’s plenty cold here to me.

Now that the beast has well and truly arrived, I don’t have enough pairs of hand-knitted socks to wear between trips to the lavanderia.

I used to knit socks just for fun. There’s so much pretty sock yarn out there! But a nice pair of wooly socks keeps your feet really warm. And hey, if you go to a party where you have to take your shoes off…voila! There you are, wearing awesome socks.

I guess I could just do laundry more often.

But I’m not gonna.


2 Responses to “Sock-o-rama”

  1. I want those socks. they say gimme.

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