Tiny Garden

January 15, 2012

Early last year someone posted a craft-pay-it-forward meme on facebook. (I hate the term ‘pay it forward,’ btw. But that’s what they called it). The rules were: you posted an announcement in your status, and you’d make something for the first five commentors.

It’s pretty much a no-brainer that I would do that.

This weekend I finally had a chance to deliver the last object- a succulent dish garden in a vintage coffee cup.

Step 1:

I don't necessarily recommend these particular brands of garden stuff, but cactus & succulent soil is good, especially if your container has no drain hole.

Step 2:

This little guy grew from a plant that grew from a coupla rooted cuttings I stole from a friend's backyard in L.A.

If you haven't grown cacti from seed, it's pretty fun. Although they grow reeeeaaally slow. And no matter how many varieties the seed pack claims to have, this is the only kind I can get to grow.

Finally, these little guys are from a bigger succulent that I've had for a while and which propogates itself like mad. You brush by and a leaf falls off. Even if it falls on the floor, a week later it will have a cluster of tiny roots.

Step 3:

No, I didn't drill a drain hole in the cup. I know it's better with a drain hole, but I was afraid the melamine cup would crack if I tried it.

Step 3:

I'll admit to a bit of fiddling with the composition.

And, finally:



I gave it a little water and put it in my sunniest window (not particularly sunny just then) until it could be delivered.

I think next I might try raising those succulents that look like butt cracks from seeds. (Apartment gardening is pretty limited. I try to make up for the lack of quantity by growing interesting stuff).


One Response to “Tiny Garden”

  1. Really beautiful idea. Tiny, poetic little dears. Manageable for any living space. Mind you, our cats walk along window sills…

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