O Christmas Tree

January 16, 2012

Speaking of apartment gardening, a few days before Christmas my husband brought this home.

Did we decorate it with lights and shiny balls? Yes we did.

I did some research, and I’m pretty sure it’s a red spruce. (Correct me if I’m wrong, people)! If I’m right, then this tree prefers the conditions found New York and northwards. Which means I can’t take with me the next time I go south and plant it in the yard of an obliging friend. It has to be planted up north somewhere. Which is a problem, because my friends up here don’t generally have yards, and if they do, they mostly rent them and/or they are tiny. So I’m thinking on it. It seems unlikely that it will thrive in the hot, dry air in my apartment.

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to keep it watered. (Which is harder than it sounds, because any significant amount of water runs right through the pot and out onto whatever surface it’s sitting on. It will only soak into the soil when watered very gently- and therefore repeatedly).

The other day I walked by and noticed the tiny bunches of newly grown, pale green needles. There’s something thrilling about seeing new growth where you don’t expect it.

It's alive!


One Response to “O Christmas Tree”

  1. Lynn said

    Put it in a bucket to water it.

    I had a beautiful african violet that ran it’s course and before it bit the dust I gave my mother a sprig to root cause that woman can grow anything. She nursed it into a beautiful plant and gave it back to me. Even though I didn’t grow it, I did save it, and that feels good every time I look at it. It’s just started blooming and I’m thrilled. It’s a deep maroon color. I can’t grow much but I do love a plant. I’m even thinking about making a terrarium!

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