For Me!

January 19, 2012

If you’ve never seen Strindberg and Helium, check this out. If you are not amused, I’ll eat my shoe. (Metaphorically, anyway).

Now practice saying the title of this post in your Helium voice. (Heeleeeyum)!

Moving on.

one pair finished

& 1 pair started& one pair started

It’s so cold now that I don’t want to leave the house EVEN IN MY WOOLY SOCKS. I fear I may turn into some kind of a shut in. By spring I’ll be all pale and trembly, and the first time I step foot out the front door….ahhh! the sun hurts us!

Just kidding. I’ll just be suiting up for the grocery shopping (do-dee-do-dee-doo).


2 Responses to “For Me!”

  1. COOLEST Fair Island socks Evuh!

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