Lose Some, Win Some

February 29, 2012

Mostly I knit socks with superwash yarn. (For you non-knittin’ types, that’s wool treated to make it machine washable). There are knitters who hate superwash- and I get that- but for something that gets washed as often as a pair of socks, one can hardly argue.

Then one day I found myself in Minnesota for work. I mostly hung out in the hotel and ate room service food. But I’d started the tradition of buying a skein of sock yarn on trips, and darn it, I was making shit tons of money. (At least it seemed that way to me). So I indulged in- you’re hardly going to believe this- three skeins of sock yarn. Two were the same brand and had gorgeous long color repeats, one in blue and one in red. The third was many shades of green, plus some brown. It rounded out my color selection nicely, and it was surprisingly affordable. It was not, however, superwash.

It made very pretty socks.

Where is the problem here, you ask? Look closer.

That’s right. I machine washed them along with the rest of the socks. Twice. And they totally freakin’ felted.

The good news is, I finally got around to knitting up some yarn given to me by a friend who didn’t like sock knitting as much as she expected to.

The Bluest Socks

I’m trying to be philosophical about the whole thing.