Radio Silence

February 2, 2012

Last week I flew to Texas for work.

The first time I went to this meeting, I was like oh, la, fancy me, staying in a nice hotel and whatnot. This most recent one was the 4th or 5th time.

Let me just say, the thrill is gone.

For starters, I hate to fly. I mean, I can deal. I take drugs for anxiety and drugs for nausea, the combination of which (yes, I checked, it’s ok to take them together) makes me really sleepy. So as long as the flight is smooth, I can drowse and forget that I’m somehow suspended a terrifying 20 or 30-thousand feet above the friendly Earth. But even drugged up, one strong bump gives me a rush of adrenaline that has me thinking, please, please, do not let me fall out of the sky in this stupid tin can of a contraption. When that happens, I get out the big guns- my knitting. You’d be surprised how much it helps, having something besides THE FACT THAT YOU’RE FLYING to think about. I keep traveling by air- partly because there are far away places I need to go, and partly because I know if I stop, I might never start again.

And you know what I did on that fateful morning? I took some dramamine that was slightly out of date. Totally not a problem, right?

Wrong. Trust me- you do not want to sit beside me on a plane when I haven’t had my dramamine (or in this case, dramamine that TOTALLY DIDN’T WORK). I get all sweaty and shaky, like some kind of nut job. I clench my jaw because I know that part of the trick to not freaking out is NOT FREAKING OUT. Also, the weather had been bad, and the pilot did that thing where he came on the intercom and warned us of “a little chop.” Asshole.

You can betcha, I got some fresh new dramamine during the changeover at DFW.

As for the meeting itself- I guess big corporate meetings are the same everywhere. The staying in a hotel part is nice. You get a huge soft bed in a very dark room and a maid to clean up after you. But of course you have to get up at 7am so you can pick up your name tag and your big-ass binder before you eat your scrambled eggs and fruit.

Some of the meetings are a soul-crushing waste of time, and some of them are hard work, and they’re all punctuated by breaks in which one is offered cookies, brownies, and other stuff you really shouldn’t eat- and expected to socialize. I enjoy that part. Really I do. But lawd people, I work at home most of the time. All that interaction makes me tired.

There were two really wonderful things. The hotel had a courtyard where I could stand in the beautiful, beautiful January sunlight, perfectly warm in my jeans and a light jacket. (No, I did not wear business clothes. I do not own business clothes). I kept finding myself out there, soaking up the light.

Also, I got to have dinner with some lovely folks that I see very seldom. I tried mole, and there were margaritas. That was good.

But the cat is not the only one who’s glad I’m home.


4 Responses to “Radio Silence”

  1. J Svalberg said

    Get meclazine…it is what I used at sea…cheap and better than dramamine. And…you now know why you have a cat. They do make coming home delightful!

  2. A lovely piece of writing. I particularly liked the thought that one of the reasons you continue to travel by air is that if you stop, you might never start again. I think maybe everyone can relate to something in their lives they feel that way about. I know I do. Anyway, great blog, thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks! It’s very sweet of you to come by my little blog :)

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