If I Had a Million Dollars

March 18, 2012

Hey peeps! My apologies in advance for the navel gazing. But who can resist this question?

Ok, for the sake of argument let’s say 10 million, since one isn’t really enough to dream with anymore.

1) I’d buy a row house in Brooklyn. Because even a gazillion dollars might not last forever, but I’d always need a place to live. Plus, the rent up here is bananapants. Once one of my sisters (who lives in the rural south) asked me how much my rent was, and when I told her, her mouth literally fell open.

2) I’d find an awesome back doctor. I have one of those back problems that defies diagnosis. MD’s mostly throw up their hands and imply that it must be imaginary if they can’t find the cause. Chiropractors and acupuncturists sometimes help, but only in the short term. And a good physical therapist is like a diamond- rare and difficult to find in the wild.

3) Once my back was fixed (or at least stabilized), I’d exercise more. I’d go back to jogging, and I’d take pilates classes and yoga classes and whatever else looked interesting. Because both my back and my bank account limit me there.

4) I’d go someplace warm and sunny in the dead of winter, and get out of town anytime I felt the need for fresh perspective. It wouldn’t even have to be exotic. Road trips to Bozeman and Indianapolis would totally do it for me. There’s just something wonderful about having a sort of boots-on-the ground experience of places where other people live and work. Don’t get me wrong. I like big cathedrals and stuff like that too. But what really does it for me is your local coffee shop where people hang out, your craft shops where the hand-made community congregates, your idiosyncratic local churches and museums.

5) I’d do my personal writing full-time. I’ve written one novel and am partway through a second one. I’m pretty happy with how it’s going, but there’s no denying it’s a learning process- at least for me, and I’m kind of a perfectionist about it. So it takes time. It’s hard to squeeze in- mentally and logistically- after a day of writing stuff for other people.

6) I’d eat really good, healthy food every day, all the time.

7) I’d help out some of the people in my life- a selected few. To all the rest, I’d pretend to still be poor.

8) I’d give some money away to charity. Like a scholarship, some kind of women’s health thing, maybe an animal shelter or a spay and neuter program…..


I wrote this a few days ago, and having it fermenting in the back of my consciousness has inspired more thoughts about goals for my life- the things that make me feel happy and worthwhile, and help me stay sane. (Not always an easy proposition, har!) I’m reminded that of course money can only amplify what’s already in one’s life, but can’t add meaning or self-regard. Duh, right? It’s good to be reminded though.

What would you do?


One Response to “If I Had a Million Dollars”

  1. tonya said

    I always enjoy your posts (it’s like I can hear you writing just as you speak). If I had €10Million I would: have a little apartment in Paris so I could go there as often as I’d like, I’d take all the classes I’ve ever dreamed of taking and become better at all the things I start and don’t finish, which means I wouldn’t be working, unless it was something I cared about; I’d travel far and wide, take all my friends and family on creative ‘field trips’, and find a charity to support. And your number seven. :)

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