On the Road Again

April 25, 2012


If you’ve been wondering where the hell I’ve been, rest assured that I’ve been wondering pretty much the same thing. This past weekend I took a train south.

See? It's the south.

I think I’ve mentioned that I don’t like to fly. Kind of like how B.A. on the A-team hated to fly. (Except I usually drug myself). And taking the train isn’t so bad: the seats are comfier, and there’s nothing to do but knit and have deep thoughts. Or so I tell myself.

The truth is, I’m over this whole train thing. The first time I took this trip by train, it felt like a separate space, where none of the usual annoying distractions got in the way of whatever creative thinking I wanted to do. I had good ideas, and did some knitting, and acutely observed my fellow passengers.

Now the train just makes me stir crazy. Somehow none of the things I brought can hold my attention. (Note to self: do not count on a random paperback picked up at the thrift store to be good train reading).

And don’t get me started on train bathrooms. They’re a regular smorgasboard of bad smells.

My first seatmate was a young woman with a Caribbean accent. She spent a lot of time on the phone, patiently explaining to a guy named Darren that the reason he’d been seeing another woman on the sly was that he wasn’t really in love. Just from hearing my end of the conversation, it was clear that poor Darren was vehemently denying any wrongdoing or lack of affection, but he wasn’t convincing her.

She got off somewhere in Virginia, and shortly afterwards a young guy asked if it was ok if he sat in the empty seat next to me. Then he asked if it was ok if he put his luggage on the overhead rack. And if making phone calls was allowed. He called the family member who was picking him up at the train station, conveyed his schedule, and said, “I love you,” before hanging up. He’d never taken the train before, but he wasn’t scared to ask, and wasn’t scared to tell his gramma (or whoever) that he loved her. Also, he smelled like pot.

What have I been doing since then, you ask? I’ve been hanging out with my sister, starting the round of socializing with my North Carolina peeps. Oh, and working. And walking my sister’s dog. And trying not to let my exercise schedule completely fall off the map. Plus I got my hair cut.

What I haven’t done is any crafting.