Juicing the Stash

June 24, 2012

So here’s what I have in the way of sock yarn.


Lovely gift yarn brought back from Glasgow, where the owner of the only dedicated yarn shop is famously grumpy. Has polyamide, feels very smooth to the touch. Will definitely be socks one day.


More wool from Glasgow, but opposite in character: loosely spun, fluffy, heathered pure wool. Beautiful, beautiful stuff. Slightly heavy for socks. Am taking suggestions.


Nice red wool, finely spun, a gift from a friend who decided sock knitting wasn’t her bag. Destined for sockitude.


OMG, such a gorgeous long color repeat, but once again, a bit heavy for socks. So we’re talking winter-boots-only socks, or something else. Not sure yet.


Same long color repeat, warm edition.  Knit a whole pair of socks in a state of denial and wore them to a party, where a knitter friend said, wow, those look pretty tight. Illusion destroyed. Much too beautiful to not re-use. One sock frogged.


Remnants of socks past. Baby hats? A baby coat of many colors?

7) And, finally, my current project.

Knitpicks Stroll, an extremely affordable plain-jane merino-nylon blend. Comfy and machine-washable, but pills horribly, obscuring fancy lace patterns. Now destined to become this extraordinary baby sweater. (Hopefully will pill less when not worn on feet).

So you know, it might be a slow-mo sort of thing to watch in real time.


2 Responses to “Juicing the Stash”

  1. Lynn said

    Love Love the sock in the coraly-orangey color. Mittens in this would be nice?

  2. I do love mittens! Making a list now….

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