I know, I suck. But I have been really, really busy doing stuff that pays.

You know how when you’re broke, the first time you come into a little money, you’re like  aww right, now I’m in the clear!

Well, it turns out I wasn’t, as they say, out of the woods yet. It’s all about cash flow. No matter how much money I’m owed, if I don’t have the cash in my hot little when the rent (or whatever) comes due, I’m in trouble. Duh, right?

Since my work is freelance, sometimes there’s a significant gap in between me producing work and me getting paid for said product. My best strategy has been to hold tight and work my little tuckus off, since the faster the work is done, the faster I’ll get paid. That’s what I’ve been doing all this time! For realz.

Now that I have a tiny bit of breathing room, here’s somethig I’ve been saving up.

Behold, a sweater that has been felted twice? three times? I’ve lost track.

Now that's what I call felted.

This is more like what I had in mind when I sent the thing through the wash the first time: way smaller, thicker, fuzzier. In short, more like what would happen if you put a wooly sweater in the wash by accident. It turns out that if you’re doing it on purpose, it takes more washes to get the same effect, viz:

This one has fewer hot-water cycles under its belt.

I'm not sure this one changed it all. It was worth a try, right?

And finally, the crowning glory of my felted collection.

Look! It's the Felted Christmas Trees!

Let me just say, I think these are awesome. They’re wobblier than I expected, but that makes them look charmingly elfin compared to the mid-century modern thing I was going for. I am going to send them through the hot water one more time, because my idea of felted wool involves a kind of magical transformation wherein fabric that’s made of linked loops, and is thus sort of flexible, changes completely into thick fuzzy stuff whose origin cannot be so easily guessed. To my eye they’re not transformed yet.

In the meantime, I have more crafty stuff coming down the pipeline for your amusement. Stay tuned!