So, I heard somewhere recently that they found some of the stuff that goes into antiperspirant inside breast cancer cells. I’m very vague on the details. I don’t know what stuff, or where I heard it. (Which means probably NPR).

Of course, correlation doesn’t prove¬† causation and all that. But it does imply that the stuff is absorbed through the skin and goes into your cells.¬† And the evil stuff, whatever it is, isn’t something that a cell can use for any of its normal cell activities.

Well. I’ve tried all natural deodorant (i.e. without all the BAD STUFF). It doesn’t work that well for me. Usually I buy it, pretend it’s working for a while, then admit I smell funny.

Anyway. Not long after I heard this story, my eye happened upon a bottle of Tea Tree Oil, which I use in facial soap because it’s antibacterial and helps clear up acne. In a flash of inspiration, it came to me: tea tree oil would make great deodorant. Why hadn’t anyone thought of it before? It would kill some of the bacteria on the skin, reducing the smell. Plus, it has a pretty strong smell of its own- sort of astringent, but far superior to sweat. If you ask me.

So today I swabbed some on my pits before I went out. (My sister is fond of complaining that in this city you have to wrap up warmly for winter, but the place where you’re going is inevitably overheated, so once you’re inside you sweat a lot).

The results, you ask?

I smell like an odd mixture of sweat and tea-tree oil. It’s better than no deodorant, but not as good as the ones with the BAD STUFF.

Just in case you were thinking of trying it.