Field Trip

March 25, 2012

Every so often, D and I take a day off to do some touristing around the city. He likes art museums best, and I like parks, zoos, and other things normally reserved for small children.

This past Friday was a gorgeous day for it- partly cloudy but crazy warm for this time of year.

The first thing we did was go to Starbucks, because SOME of us are addicted to expensive coffee. (I’m not posting a picture of Starbucks. Y’all know what that looks like).

Then we went by my local quilt shop to get fabric for binding the shirt quilt. I had orange fabric in mind when I went in, but they didn’t have anything that struck me as perfect, so I spent twenty minutes thinking: how about his pale green? or pale blue with white dots? or grayish blue with turquoise-y dots?  You see what I came out with.

I was worried that D would get tired of waiting for me to choose, but in the end he rated it “a satisfactory quilt shop experience.” (Read: I asked his opinion ten times or fewer).

We had lunch and strolled down to Union Square, where the farmer’s market is a thing of wonder. You can buy

baked goods, or

something from that one booth that only sells lavender, or

yarn made from breeds of sheep I've only ever read about in books. With pictures. Of the sheep in question.

Then I knitted on the subway platform and on the long ride

down to

Hint: it's the tattered seaside resort that all other tattered seaside resorts aspire to be.

Where it was very windy.

And the boardwalk shops were still closed for the season.

But on Friday afternoons after 3pm, the aquarium is pay-what-you-like.

And they have

shiny fishes


jelly fishes


fishes that hide.

They also have an octopus, or at least they had an apparently empty octopus tank. When we asked an employee about it, he told us that she was good at hiding. So we we went back to the tank and examined every inch of dimly lit rock until we found a mass of like-colored stuff with a slightly more organic shape that held a telltale fleshy orifice, serenely opening and closing. You could almost hear her going “kohnk, whee whee whee.”

And did I watch a sea lion dance to a Black Eyed Peas song?

Yes I did.