June 16, 2012

I was on my way out to the coffeeshop when I thought, hey, my camera batteries are charged up. I’ll just take a few pictures of this here sock I just darned.

I went through my big photography phase back when film was still king, but like everybody else I use digital now. And the truth is, I like taking a zillion pictures, particularly for bloggery. There’s always that moment when I know I’ve got the composition right. Out of twenty pictures, one will inevitably be- not just better, but clearly better.

Despite the astonishing beauty of feet, they are very awkward to photograph- particularly your own. Hijinks ensued. (Picture me trying to photograph my own heel).  Mostly the pictures were out of focus, or made my calves look fat.

I didn’t take a picture before I started (bad blogger!), but here it is inside out:

See? Hole.

I’d been meaning to mend it for ages. I looked up darning on the interwebs months ago, and the socks have been lying on my dresser ever since. The other night I finished my current knitting project (details forthcoming) and dug through my knitting bag for an old gauge swatch made from red sock yarn. It wasn’t the same color red, but who cares? I congratulated myself on my extreme thriftiness and settled down in front of a moderately entertaining tv show called “Castle.”

Here’s what I accomplished:

I find this satisfyingly tidy.

And finally, the glamour shot:

I took this one with my foot up on the kitchen counter.

Right after I took this last one, I surfaced to find 20 minutes had passed. Hadn’t I been on the way out the door somewhere…?