The Tallest Sock

June 21, 2012

Probably when I promised details of my most recent finished project you were hoping for something more exciting than another pair of socks. But here’s the thing. I’m trying to work my way through my stash. It isn’t the biggest stash on the planet, probably not even the biggest in Brooklyn. But still. I crave the satisfaction of using. it. all. up.

At some point I picked up this sock yarn in colors practically tailor-made to make me squeal with delight (if such a thing were possible)- mainly brownish-gray, grayish-brown, cream, and blueish.

It took me a while to figure out that it’s not just the colors on the skein but the length of each color that affects the final product. Seriously. I get into a yarn shop, I’m like as not to go into overload and grab a skein of sock yarn (because I can always use more socks, no thought required there) in irresistible colors, without bothering with the details. I eventually get around to knitting the stuff, often ┬áto find I’ve picked up heavy sock yarn (they make that?) or ┬áthat the colors blend to make a sort of mottled look (which doesn’t particularly do it for me) or awkward pools of color (even less). But this yarn- I checked the label- it makes stripes!

Yay! Stripes!

The whole reason I started knitting socks toe-up was to use up all the yarn. I mean, who doesn’t feel guilty about not using that last few grams of sock yarn? (Have I mentioned that I hate to throw anything away?) Plus, I live in New York. It gets freaking cold here. It’s not like I can’t use tall socks.

But I was intimidated by the need for calf shaping. (Handknit socks aren’t as stretchy as store-bought, so if they’re tall, they have to get bigger where your calves get bigger). Basically I just dove in and added some stitches near the top. It worked out fine.

The warmest calves.

Here’s the leftover yarn:

Ta Da!

These socks make me want to sing the Trololo song.